Popping “that” question is getting harder and harder these days. Of course we are not talking about marriage. Just love, pure round-eye puppy love. Every Valentine’s Day, millions of young Vietnamese hearts are broken by the fact that their crushes want to remain just friends. And we set about to change all of that.

… While Breaking
The Internet

We deep dove into the collaborating process with our client by co-conceptualizing the new collection for Valentine’s Day 2018, from naming, identity and packaging design, to in-store art direction and collateral design.

But that was just the beginning of the fun. A carefully mis-placed “rumour” of Bao Anh – a teenage heartthrob – dating again following a well-publicized break-up sent fans going literally “crazy”.  Over a snap of holding hands. Of course with the all-new PNJSilver Signature rings and bracelets.

Our commercial was released 24 hours later, together with a diverse Facebook content ecosystem, to overwhelming positive reactions from fans and consumers thus making the collection the best-ever best-selling in the brand’s history. Mission accomplished.