The Purpose Group and Vinasoy join forces to urge people to sow kindness this Lunar New Year

Vinasoy, Vietnam’s leading soy milk brand, has recently launched its Tet or Lunar New Year campaign in partnership with The Purpose Group.

The campaign is spearheaded by an online short film titled “Sowing Kindness”. The film tells the story of an old man who makes clay dolls, and these clay dolls play a central role in recognizng acts of kindness performed by strangers. Following the film, the audience is called on to join a social act of sowing kindness using the #gieoanlanh.

The film has garnered a sizable following since its inception. In just over 10 days, “Sowing Kindness” had over 5.9 million total views across Facebook and YouTube. It enjoyed completed views of over 1.9 million across channels. Its virality rate is 11% compared to the industry benchmark of 3% to 4%. The film has been mentioned over 7,000 times on social media. “Sowing Kindness” is supported by a PR and social media campaign.

Ngo Anh Tinh, Business Director, Vinasoy, said, “Vinasoy believes in the goodness our products bring to our consumers, and the goodness that is inherent in all of us. The world is a much more peaceful and better place when we treat each other with kindness. And with the “Sowing Kindness” campaign, we wanted our fellow Vietnamese to welcome Tet spreading love and joy among family and friends.”

Kit Ong, The Purpose Group’s Group Executive Creative Director and Partner said, “Tet is a time when all the brands want to get into the hearts and minds of every Vietnamese. Vinasoy entrusted us to deliver an emotionally honest campaign anchored by an online film that can cut through the clutter. At The Purpose Group, we believe in helping our clients achieve a higher purpose through seeking and defining local cultural accents to produce works that resonate with our intended audience. The “Sowing Kindness” campaign is proof of that.”