… Tells The Stories
Of The Leading Ladies…

Kotex, Vietnam’s biggest brand name in feminine care products, has been facing market changes and competitions. And in the face of adversity, Kotex and The Purpose Group brought to life vividly their new brand platform via the launching of Kotex new product line.

To win affection and loyalty from the new generations of Vietnamese women, Kotex knows they must not only pamper them with care and promises, but also inspire them, show them the possibility of achieving more than they can believe. Thus, we help Kotex crafting the incredible stories of the 2 leading ladies of Vietnam to show our audience what’s possible.

Hoang Thuy – The First Ever Winner of Vietnam’s Next Top Model – riding on the waves of skepticism to achieve international success and become a beacon of hope for the uninspired. Toc Tien – The Relentless Popstar – defying social expectation and criticism to pursue her true self-made signature status.

Crafting The Brand
Above and Beneath
The Surface

While the stories enjoyed incredible virality, becoming the brand’s most shared and interacted campaign, our work has just begun. Working closely with the client country and regional teams, we carefully develop the brand new digital ecosystem, ground up, from Social Content Guidelines to all things UI and UX, infusing the brand with vivid fluidity for the present and future.