Four Piggies
Go To The Shop

Sometimes the smartest way to go about
telling a product story is the loudest.
Sometimes, subtlety is not for the
short-attention-span generation.

Millennials love to save. To hell with it – WE all love to save. Especially when it comes to buying phones. And for the first time ever in Vietnam, FPTShop – one of the largest tech retailer – introduces to the market a best-in-class subsidy program – The Four Zeros Plan, where unlike other competitors, there are ABSOLUTELY ZERO HIDDEN COSTS to consumers.

And to put money to where the mouths are, literally, we created our 4 adorable, trendy, representing, dancing and singing piggy banks to accompany consumers at every stores and every corner of the internet. Saving deserves to be heard, loudly.

Our commercial was watched and enjoyed millions of times, lifting the brand presence to an unprecedented 20%. Weekly phone sales shot up 600% and counting.