Having grown The Coffee House
to become the second biggest coffee chain
in Vietnam, we set out to deepen
The Coffee House’s “Value Of Quality Coffee”
brought from Cau Dat Farm to every cup
served in store everyday.

Inspired By
The People…

The portrayal of the “From Farm To Cup” journey is an epic one itself. And by staying true to the adamant brief for authenticity from our client, we took no shortcut in learning – about the land and its growth, the people, their hopes and dreams, their company and ultimate their visions.

To lead up to the grand launching of The Coffee House Signature Store in Saigon, we crafted a film series, interweaving the dreams – both literally and figuratively – of the 3 key members of The Coffee House family. Hoa – The Green Bean Sourcer. Ninh – The CEO. Truc – The Head Barista.┬áTheir words were our scripts. Their workplaces were our sets. Their skills were our choreography.

The films were launched both online and in cinemas. We have numbers and results to boast about. But nothing is more satisfying than the fact that the true stories and voices of the people of The Coffee House are presented in the way they themselves are proud of.