Rebuild the brand
by building a story

Who wouldn’t love a classics?
And who wouldn’t fall in love
with the charm of a radiant
beauty with smooth fair skin
tiptoeing across the screen
captivating hearts with her
crystal voice?

To reestablish the best-selling position of Gervenne’s body milk  in sub-urban and rural areas of  Vietnam, we found inspirations from the form of entertainment that is unanimously loved by the audience themselves: singing and dancing.  The  campaign integrated multiple contents across all platforms from Youtube, Adnetwork, Facebook to Zalo, out-of-home and on-ground activation to re-launch the brand. Business performance hit record results while our contents were cheered and viewed at an all-time highest rate for the brand.

As sales went up, market shares won, and our advertising was less skipped, we were also firm of our belief: create for your audience, and they will reward you with their undivided attention.